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Werelupes are ferocious Lupes who live primarily in the Haunted Woods and the Woods surrounding Meridell, but can also be found in the area surrounding Altador. Lupes can be painted Halloween to look like a werelupe, but Halloween Lupes are Werelupe only by appearance, while real Werelupes are cursed.

Werelupe Anatomy[edit]

Werelupes are based off a combination of the mythical Werewolves of medieval Europe, and the Wolf Man monster in horror films. Werelupes are bipedal, with a large chest and claws, red or green eyes (depending on if the Lupe was painted or is in a Plot), and fur ranging from brown to black. Painted Lupes always have brown fur and green eyes. All Werelupes somehow acquire clothes in their transformation, as they all wear torn jeans (presumably ruined by the transformation) and a rope belt (once again, this is a feature of painted Lupes only). Werelupes are occasionally drawn with shirts, but only in TCGs. Like all pets that are prominently featured in art, they are subject to being altered by the artist, if applicable. For example, the Werelupe King, Werelupe Sage, and Gnarfas all are drawn outside the parameters of the basic template (different clothes, sizes, and extra arms). Werelupe Size also is radically different, although this may also be artistic license. Werelupes are much larger than other pets (see the Haunted Woods World Challenge map) although in many drawings they are normal sized, which leads to the assumption they can alter their size.

Werelupe Template[edit]

The Werelupe's popularity has caused it to be used in many fan fictions, Neopedia articles, and Neopian Times submissons, as well as in Neopets: The Darkest Faerie. This section leads to a basic personaltiy template for a basic Werelupe, excluding the anatomy, which was metioned earlier.

  • Werelupes in Plots are typecast as the Villain, but can just as easily be a Hero. Because of this werelupes are considered Chaotic Neutral.
  • Werelupes (of the plot variety, as a colour does not grant any battledome bonuses) are naturally much larger and / or stronger that other pets. They can tower over an average sized Lupe, or be roughly the same size as one (Leading to the idea they can alter sizes), and in the Neopets: The Darkest Faerie game, they are strong enemies, capable of doing a lot of damage. Also, Werelupe Claws are used in a very powerful weapon.
  • Being bitten by a Werelupe may or may not cause a pet to become one. Many fan fiction say that the main Werelupe charcter was bitten early in the story, but in the game King Altador was bitten, and suffered no ill effects (possilby due to his immortality).
  • Werelupes change every full moon, but can change forms of their own free will any other time, as illustrated by Werelupes attacking in Neopets: The Darkest Faerie, when it clearly wasn't a full moon.
  • Werelupes (of the painted variety) give you an Avatar If you own one.

They were very prominent in Neopets: The Darkest Faerie.

Famous Werelupes[edit]

As is natural for being in Neopets TCG cards and Games, a few Werelupe celebrites have emerged.

  • The Werelupe King, as his name indicates, is the ruler of all the Werelupes. According to his TCGs flavor text, Werelupe society is combat based, meaning that if you can beat the current king, you inherit the throne. This naturally means that the king is the most powerful Werelupe. However, he obtained his position through underhanded methods, and is known to do anything to gain an advantage, including attacking King Altador behind his back, or using magic provided by the sage (see below). The king serves the Darkest Faerie. It is unknown what happened to the Werelupes he led after Tormund and Roberta defeated them, but it's safe to assume they will reemerge in a later plot. His claws are apparently used in Werelupe Claw Necklaces.
  • The Werelupe Sage is the kings adviser and resident mage. Apparently, in a scheme for power, he used his magic to assist the king in taking the throne, and is the only one who knows who controls the Werelupes. This implies he was one of the only of his kind aware of why they were hindering Tormund and Roberta. This should be implied in the game. Not much else is know about him, but he is apparently the power behind the throne.
  • Gnarfas is a four armed werelupe, and is much larger than all of the others. He's also a psychopath, and his immense strength makes him a difficult foe. He is kept locked away, as evident by his chains, and is released by the Werelupe king to attack Tormund.

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