Walking Carpet

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Walking Carpet
Walking Carpet.gif
Type Spooky Petpet
Release Date October 23, 2000
Petpet Puddle

The Walking Carpet is a species of Petpet which can be gained from completing one of the Brain Tree's quests.


The Walking Carpet is currently available in 12 different colours:

Petpet Protection League[edit]

The Walking Carpet has been selected for the Petpet Protection League award twice:

Week 47
Petpet Pink Walking Carpet
Date July 15, 2004
Week 574
Petpet Pirate Walking Carpet
Date November 13, 2014


  • The Walking Carpet is most likely based on Chewbacca from Star Wars (In A New Hope, Princess Leia demands that someone "get this walking carpet out of my way!"). The item description "Rawwwroooorghhhh!" is Chewbacca's signature growl.
  • The Walking Carpet was released at the same time as the Rotten Egg and the Sugar Rush. It is the only one of the three that has not been changed in October 2000.
  • The How to Draw tutorial for the Walking Carpet was released on November 6, 2002.

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