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Valin the Quick is a Blue Mynci thief and a member of the Thieves Guild. He is best known for freezing Taelia in a solid block of ice during the Hannah and the Ice Caves plot. Valin generally wear a dark blue bandit's mask and dark blue fingerless gloves. In the Battledome, he also wears a brown hooded cloak.

Hannah and the Ice Caves[edit]

Main article: Hannah and the Ice Caves

At the beginning of the story, Galem pulled Valin aside and gave him a special mission: Valin was to incapacitate the Snow Faerie so that she could not interfere with the Thieves Guild's plan to take the Heart of the Mountain. To accomplish this, Valin laid down in front of Taelia's doorstep and faked unconsciousness. When Taelia discovered the collapsed Mynci outside of her house, she took pity on him and brought him into her igloo to warm up. As soon as he was inside Taelia's house, Valin began to attack the Snow Faerie, and he used a magic wand that was lying around Taelia's house to trap her in a solid block of ice.

Valin then returned to the Thieves Guild's camp near Terror Mountain and reported his success back to Galem. Masila rewarded him for completing his mission. Much later, Valin is seen inside Terror Mountain, fighting against the Bringer of Night's icy skeleton minions alongside the rest of the Thieves Guild.


Portrait 209.png
Difficulty: 26Easy · 39Medium · 46Hard Starting HP: 26Easy · 39Medium · 46Hard
Arena: Frost Arena Released: October 27, 2012
Status: Active Challenger ID: 209
Found by: Default challenger

Attack Fork
Crystal Boomerang
Enchanted Wooden Bow
Geraptiku Attack Leaf
Ice Mirror
Poison Tipped Dagger
Rainbow Scorchstone
Slorg Slime

Static Cling.png
Static Cling

Better Than You[edit]

Valin has been a contestant on Better Than You twice:

Date: January 10, 2008 Hey you! Some past erm, 'associates' of mine have found out I've been hiding here, so I need to get off this island pronto. It's the finals for the volleyball tournament though, so I need you to take my place. If you score 1,000 or more you'll win! When it's safe I'll come back and if you've won the trophy I'll trade you it for this plushie I stol-- erm, found. Thanks a bunch pal!
Game: Mynci Beach Volleyball
Score: 1,000
Prize: Island Flotsam Plushie

Date: March 5, 2009 Think you're quicker than me? No one stands a chance against me on the volleyball court! Come on, give it your best shot. If, by some miracle, you manage to beat me, then I'll give you this-- uh, completely legitimately earned item that I happen to have.
Game: Mynci Beach Volleyball
Score: 600
Prize: Musical Mynci Shoes

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