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An Ummagine

The Ummagine is a large purple root vegetable which grows far underground in the Lost Desert. It is such a hassle to dig them up that it is very rarely done.

Since October 2014, it is also a colour that is available to Chias. A Chia can become Ummagine when it eats a Magical Ummagine Chia Pop.

Plot summary[edit]

Neopet Version 2[edit]

Main article: Neopet Version 2 (plot)

The first clue was a letter from Dr. Frank Sloth who mentioned that the first programmer's "mouth will be full of that vile purple vegetable that he craves so much." Searching for "Ummagine" in the Shop Wizard led users to a shop filled with Ummagine related plot items. Visiting the shop owner's Neohome would reveal a picture of Blarthrox and the first two numbers of the deactiation code.


  • Of the 30 different items (some of which are plot exclusive) that the Ummagine is currently featured in, 12 are foods:
  • Ummagine Tea
  • Ummagine Juice
  • Ummagine Pie
  • Dried Ummagine
  • Sweet Ummagine Roll
  • Grilled Ummagine
  • Grilled Ummagine Chips
  • Mutant Ummagine
  • Roast Ummagine Pastry Roll
  • Ummagine Candy Cane
  • Grilled Ummagine Slushie
  • Magical Ummagine Chia Pop

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