Tormo "The Terror" Frein

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Tormo The Terror Frein 2006.gif

Tormo "The Terror" Frein is a Darigan Bruce and a has been the Right Defender for the Darigan Citadel's Yooyuball team since 2006. When Tormo gets an assignment to cover someone, he stays on them from the time they leave the locker room until the final whistle blows. A relentless and aggressive defender, Tormo has stopped many forwards' consecutive games scoring streak over the years. Though his guarding and tackling skills are strong, he struggles with passing and scoring.


  • Tormo won the All Stars - Defenders award in 2006, perhaps due to his efforts against Lilo Blumario, who he was able to defend all by himself during the semi-finals.
  • Tormo was selected as a Defender for the All-Neopia First Team in 2007.