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The Masked Intruder (also known as the Kougra Defender) is a large, muscular, and presumably very strong Blue Kougra first introduced in Mission 5 of the Defenders of Neopia.

Plot summary[edit]

Defenders of Neopia Series 1[edit]

Main article: Defenders of Neopia

The Masked Intruder and Dr. Flexo investigate Mystery Island due to reports of someone causing trouble with a magic mind control stick. When the Masked Intruder unknowingly enters the cave of Tekkitu, the Witch Doctor uses this stick to make the Kougra attack Dr. Flexo.

Better Than You[edit]

The Masked Intruder has been a contestant on Better Than You once:

Date: January 3, 2013 *kaPOW* Ooh, that's cold. Anyway, care to throw a few snowballs with me? I like to keep in practice even when I'm not on duty with the Defenders of Neopia. Besides, this is fun!
Game: Snowball Fight
Score: 735
Prize: Pebble Snowball


  • Aside from his NeoDeck card, the Masked Intruder is featured as two Plushie items, one of which gives his name as Kougra Defender.

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