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Ollie, as he appears in some games.

TPOSG, or The Phantom Orange Shirt Guy, is a German member of The Neopets Team. Real name Ollie, TPOSG is mostly famous for the many Easter eggs he leaves in some of his flash games, usually featuring himself.

He received the name The Phantom Orange Shirt Guy after a Petpage dedicated to Neopets Oddities' won the Site Spotlight. The Petpage listed many of his Easter egg appearances, and wondered who he was. The name is based on the fact that he was almost always pictured in an orange shirt, and left very little evidence of himself, other than the brief appearances.

He left Neopets sometime early 2008 to work again for Adam and Donna for Meteorgames. He does come play Neopets when he gets the chance but he is no longer part of TNT staff.


  • Altador Cup - At the end screen where you submit your score in Yooyuball, click the Techo's right eye. A fanfare of music will play and Oliver will pop up in a toga.
  • Attack of the Gummy Dice - He is featured on a special cube with his head on it. When you drop it, it'll destroy all blocks within a two block radius. Secondly, when you're sending your score, click the Blue Blumaroo's eyeball and Ollie will pop up.
  • Attack of the Revenge - On the main screen, clicking on the Benny the Blade's right eye will reveal Olivern He is also a character during game play that you need to throw off the ship.
  • Attack of the Slorgs - Click the Yurble's right eye. Oliver's head will appear on the right side of the screen. Move your mouse over the buttons to make his head jiggle.
  • Black Pawkeet Slots - Oliver's head, like Adam's and Donna's, will sometimes roll by on the reels. He doesn't do anything, but it is a nice way to break the monotony.
  • Brucey B Slots - Oliver's head, like Adam's and Donna's, will sometimes roll by on the reels. He doesn't do anything, but it is a nice way to break the monotony.
  • Coconut Shy - After you shoot a coconut, and the "You won xxx NP" box comes up, click the laughing Quiggle's right eyeball.
  • Defender Trainer - Clicking on Judge Hog's eye will result in an evil cackle from Oliver.
  • Destruct-O-Match II - Clicking on the bottom of the second bone in the title on the front screen will play a sound and make Oliver pop-up.
  • Faerie Bubbles - Click the small flame in the first lowercase "b" at the title screen, and Oliver will appear at the bottom right corner. Also, click on the little dot of fire closest to the cannon (and near the "b") to have Oliver appear. He appears amongst some faerie bubbles.
  • Faerie Caves II - Fyora's Quest - Click the Gem on Fyora's crown to have Oliver appear. He'll be holding a torch near a green dynamite.
  • Freaky Factory - Oliver will randomly pop up from the vats, along with some other random staff members and Neopian things.
  • Frumball - He appears in level 40. This level can be skipped to by typing kougra, which will skip one level at a time.
  • Gourmet Club Bowls - Click on the pearl in the clam type food on the table to hear Oliver's evil laugh.
  • Grand Theft Ummagine - On the main screen, click Set-Up. Then, towards upper right corner, there is a blob on the border under the Ankh. Click it.
  • The Great Qasalan Caper - After sending your score and are redirected back to the main screen, click the hanging Meerca's left eyeball, and Oliver will slide into view (only works after sending your score). Olli's head also appears during game play. If one of your statues touches his head, he'll explode, along with all of the Lyins in the level.
  • Hannah and the Ice Caves - during the level ***Muahaha (the last level) he will randomly appear in the background. He doesn't do anything. Also note that the falling crates form the word OLLI.
  • Hasee Bounce - TPOSG randomly flies across the screen, at times. If you collect him, He will give 42 points.
  • Ice Cream Machine - At the screen where it says what level you are now on, and so on (the beginning of each stage) leave the mouse idle for a couple of minutes. You will hear a sound and Adee will turn into Oliver, who will spin around wildly if you move the mouse. He will turn back into Adee when you click to begin the level, however. There is also a scoop of ice cream featuring Oliver. He's very rare, however.
  • Meepit Juice Break - Click the uppermost Green Meepit's eye in the main screen to see Oliver with a Green Meepit on his head.
  • Meerca Chase II - Click on the Meerca's right eyeball, or left, as it is facing you, and Oliver will appear holding two Fish Neggs in each hand for about 3 seconds.
  • Petpetsitter - Clicking on a spot on the sleeping Feepit's head will reveal Oliver.
  • Ruins Rampage - To see Oliver transform from a Qasalan mummy into his orange-shirted self, on the main screen, click the left scarab, the right scarab, Horace's eye, and then Zina's eye.
  • Scamander Swarm - In the top left corner, clicking the Scamander's eye (who is walking down the building) will reveal Oliver.
  • Snowball Fight - He appears in two places here. First, he's a character in game play that you can hit for up to 50 points for a head shot! Second, on the start screen, looking at the top of the ski slope... you'll see something orange. Click it.
  • Snowmuncher - Poke Dieter in the right eye on the main screen to have Oliver standing on top of an O appear in the bottom left corner.
  • Sutek's Tomb - On the instructions page, clicking the small door on the pyramid to the right will make Oliver pop up. Occasionally during gameplay and Olli will appear amongst the gems. Using him will result in the whole board being cleared.
  • The Buzzer Game - Sometimes Oliver will appear as a distraction in the background during game play.
  • The Return of the Return of Dr. Sloth - On the main screen, Olli appears strapped to rockets. Simply click the white speck in the eye of Dr. Sloth in the background image. (The green version of Sloth, not the black one.) He is also something you can shoot for 500 points.
  • Trouble at the National Neopian - Sometimes Oliver will appear as a customer, with bags of gold all around, worth 25 points.
  • Tyrannian Mini Golf - At the screen where you select who you want to play as, click the Lupe's eyeball to choose Oliver as the player. The little picture of your character in the bottom left corner will be Oliver, and it is rumoured that he is a combination of the other three characters' skills.
  • Whack-A-Staff-Member - He'll pop up randomly throughout the game. If you successfully whack him, he'll cackle evilly.

Plot Summary[edit]

TPOSG during the Altador Cup

Altador Cup[edit]

Main Article: Altador Cup

TPOSG took part of the Staff Tournament, playing for Roo Island's team. In the first round, he beat Tyrannia's Dom Dread and went on to defeat Mystery Island's Subordinate Prime and Altador's El Picklesaur. In the final, his winning streak won him first place against snarkie, who was playing for Virtupets Space Station.


  • TPOSG is well-known for giving out faked hints for ongoing plots. For example, the shop number 42 has a hidden link to the Neopedia article about Altador - see 42 on Wikipedia. The link was most likely coded by TPOSG during the Altador Plot.
  • During the Tale of Woe plot, users who neomailed TPOSG about it often got the reply '42'.

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