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Sinsi is a Brown Ixi who lives in Meridell and loves to create new puzzles for her friends. Her most famous creation is Shapeshifter, although she is always thinking of new ideas.

Better Than You[edit]

Sinsi has been a contestant on Better Than You three times:

Date: May 25, 2006 I love a good challenge, and carefully guiding a Symol out of a cavern is certainly a great one! I got an amazing score, so I really don't think you'll be able to beat it. You're welcome to try, but don't be disappointed when you lose!
Game: Gwyl's Great Escape
Score: 1,000
Prize: Symol Sofa
Date: October 25, 2007 I created a complex game like Shapeshifter, and you don't think I can out potato-count you? Hah! Besides, I grew up in Meridell. What do you think I DID as a kid? Well come on, let's get to it. Better your embarrassment be over quick.
Game: Extreme Potato Counter
Score: 210
Prize: Sinsis Puzzle Book
Date: 3 May 2012 Berry counting? BERRY COUNTING?! I'm a top notch puzzle crafter, I'll have you know! Berry counting. Help the poor little Turmacs get enough to eat, the king says. Do I look like a Petpet herder? Hmph!
Game: Turmac Roll
Score: 2,400
Prize: Royal Cheese Bread

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