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Sergeant Zarex is a Grundo soldier, whom users can control in the game The Last Blast. He's a veteran of the civil war in Kreludor, part of a secret unit called Section Six, and was called back to duty when hostile robots began to overrun the mines.

Better Than You[edit]

Sergeant Zarex has been a contestant on Better Than You once:

Date: December 24, 2009 Oh boy. Mission control called me down for a defense operation, but they didn't mention details. The technology these poor Grundos are working with... Normally I wouldn't try defending anything bigger than a Roast Gargapple with this kind of equipment! But you work with what you've got!
Game: Snow Wars II
Score: 10,050
Prize: Snowy Xweetok Hat


  • As of December 2009, Sergeant Zarex is featured in 3 different items, one of which is his diary (a book), which details his experiences during the civil war and his thoughts on the infestation in the mines.

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