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Examples of three scratchcards.

Scratchcards are items that can be bought from one of the many scratchcard kiosks around Neopets.

On January 8, 2001, the first Scratchcard Kiosk was opened in Terror Mountain where one scratchcard could be bought for 600 NP every 6 hours. On March 26, 2003, the Haunted Woods kiosk was added. Scratchcards bought from this kiosk within the first few days were soon announced to be fake by The Neopets Team. These fake scratchcards can not be used at the kiosk, and serve very little purpose except as gallery items. Last of all, the Lost Desert kiosk opened on January 27, 2005.

Each kiosk gives a different set of scratchcards and rewards a different set of prizes. The scratchcard received is random and some scratchcards are more rare than others. In addition to this, the time limit for buying scratchcards varies from kiosk to kiosk, but once a scratchcard has been purchased from a kiosk, none can be purchased from any kiosk until the time limit is up. Scratchcards from Terror Mountain are 600 np and can be purchased once every 6 hours, Haunted Woods scratchcards are 1,200 np and bought every 2 hours, and Lost Desert scratchcards are 500 np and can be purchased once every 4 hours. Scatchcards can be bought and sold or stored in a player's Safety Deposit Box, and you can only scratch 5 of each type per day.


  • There are currently two Avatars that can be gained through the scratchcard koisks, one from Sidney and the other from the Kiosk Wocky. The Lost Desert kiosk does not give an avatar.

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