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Scrap as he appears in Stowaway Sting.

Scrap is a young Grey Gnorbu that was introduced during the Journey to the Lost Isle plot. He is also the star of the game Stowaway Sting. After being framed for a crime that he didn't commit, Scrap hid aboard the SS Primella in order to escape his pursuers. After he was discovered aboard the ship, Roxton convinced Captain Rourke to allow the young Gnorbu to accompany them on their journey to Monster Isle.

As described in the game Stowaway Sting, after returning from Monster Isle, Scrap found the thieves that framed him roaming around the docks of Mystery Island. He also discovered that these thieves had just pulled off another big heist and planned to move the goods out by boat. Hoping to clear his name, Scrap decided to gather up the stolen treasures and return them to their rightful owners.

Plot summary[edit]

Journey to the Lost Isle[edit]

Main Article: Journey to the Lost Isle
Scrap was discovered aboard the SS Primella after Werther lost his balance while trying to carry a large stack of luggage and crashed into the barrel that Scrap was hiding in. After finding the young Gnorbu, Roxton and Lilian fetched Captain Rourke. The Captain became infuriated after hearing that there was a stowaway aboard his ship. He initially decided to
Scrap is discovered aboard the SS Primella.
throw Scrap into the brig and head back to the mainland, however, after Roxton promised to take responsibility for the lad, the Captain begrudgingly agreed to let Scrap tag along on their voyage, on the condition that the boy work to earn his keep.

After the SS Primella crashed on some rocks near the coast of Monster Isle, Roxton, Lilian, Werther, and Hugo decided to go and explore the island, despite Captain Rourke's disapproval. Just as Scrap was about to leave to explore the island with them, he was snagged back by Rourke who demanded that the young Gnorbu stay and help him repair the ship. Before the explorers left, Rourke told them that, after he fixed the ship, he wouldn't hesitate to leave the island at the first sign of danger. This worried Lilian, but Scrap assured her that he would not let the Captain leave without her.

Some time later, Hugo and Werther returned and told Rourke about the gargantuan Petpetpets that inhabited the island. After hearing the roar of one of these monstrous creatures, Captain Rourke decided to leave, even though Roxton and Lilian had not yet returned. Making good on his promise, Scrap stole the ship's rudder axle and kept it away from the Captain, preventing Rourke from leaving.

Moments later, Roxton and Lilian returned; however, they were being chased by several giant, angry Petpetpets. One of these Petpetpets tripped and cornered Captain Rourke. Just as the Petpetpet was about to crush Rourke with one of its pincers, Scrap rushed in and knocked Rourke out of the way, saving the Captain's life. While Roxton held off the remaining Petpetpets, Scrap and the Captain headed back to the ship and prepared to make way. Werther, Lilian, Hugo, and even Roxton were all able make it aboard the SS Primella before the Rourke set sail.

At the end of the story, Rourke offered to let Scrap sail with him. The young Gnorbu happily accepted the offer.

Better Than You[edit]

Scrap has been a contestant on Better Than You twice:

Date: June 21, 2007 Hey there! Would you mind helping me out? I'm trying to clear my name, and to do so I need to thwart these thieves! If you're a big enough help I'll even give you these old gloves that I found.
Game: Stowaway Sting
Score: 1,000
Prize: Hissi Thief Gloves

Date: August 14, 2008 Hey, give me a hand, will ya? These oafs are after me, but I'm innocent... really! Put my hat on, and run this way, and I'll run that way to split them up. Good luck, I think you'll need it!
Game: Stowaway Sting
Score: 1,360
Prize: Black Skull Candle

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