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Image showing the different range of Scarab-related items.

The Scarab is a Lost Desert design based on the Egyptian scarab. Its likeness features on a wide variety of items.

Battle Scarabs[edit]

The Battle Scarabs are a collection of Battledome weapons released as prizes for the Usurper! plot.

Due to their rarity (few were given out, and those some time ago), Battle Scarabs are very expensive and many consider their usefulness as weapons does not justify such a price tag for use in the Battledome.

The different Battle Scarabs are, in alphabetical order:

  • Brass Scarab - Attack: 4 x Fire Defence: May Reflect all Fire
  • Darkness Scarab - Attack: 5 + 1 x Darkness Defence: All Light (May cause Itchy Scratchies)
  • Dung Scarab - Attack: 2 + 1 x Physical Defence: 2 x Darkness 2 x Earth 2 x Fire
  • Earth Scarab - Attack: 5 x Earth Defence: All Earth
  • Fire Scarab (Once Per Battle) - Attack: None Defence: None (Destroys opponents Snowballs)
  • Flying Scarab - Attack: 3 x Air 1 + 2 x Physical Defence: 90% - All Physical, 1 + 1 x Air
  • Golden Scarab (Fragile) - Attack: 2 x Air 1 + 1 x Physical Defence: None (May steal, Limit One)
  • Jewelled Scarab (Once Per Battle) - Attack: None Defence: None (Full Heal, Limit One)
  • Scarabnova - Attack: None Defence: None (May steal Nova or destroy all of opponents Novas)
  • Water Scarab - Attack: 5 x Water Defence: 1 - All Water
  • Weird Scarab - Attack: 2 x Earth 1 + 1 x Physical Defence: All Air (Heal 8 HP, Limit One)

Other Scarab Weapons[edit]

While not Battle Scarabs, there are some other Scarab-themed weapons available. In some cases, these are almost as rare as genuine Battle Scarabs.

Other Scarab weapons include:

  • Scarab Amulet
  • Scarab Medallion
  • Scarab Ring
  • Scarab Stone Slingshot
  • Hand Painted Scarab
  • Winged Scarab

Other Scarab Items[edit]

In addition to their use as weapons, the Scarab design has been adopted to a variety of other items.


Pull Along Toys[edit]

There are several pull along toys based on Battle Scarab and Scarab designs, such as the Golden Pull Along Scarab, based on the Golden Scarab; and Flying Pull Along Scarab based on the Winged Scarab.

The full list reads:

  • Flying Pull Along Scarab
  • Golden Pull Along Scarab
  • Painted Pull Along Scarab
  • Pull Along Scarab
  • Strange Pull Along Scarab


There is a single Scarab design plushie, the Hand Painted Scarab Plushie.


There also exists a Scarab themed kite, the Scarab Print Kite.


There exists several Scarab collectable items. There is a Scarab Collectable Coin, the Golden Scarab Coin, which is triangular, and two stamps: the Jewelled Scarab Stamp and the Scarab Stamp.

Furthermore, there is an entire page of the stamp album dedicated to special collectable scarabs.


In addition to a Scarab Negg, which is of a similar design to the Hand Painted Scarab, there is both a Burnt Scarab Cookie and an unburnt Scarab Cookie.


Main Article: Scarabug

The Scarabug is a scarab-like Petpet.

The Desert Scarabs[edit]

Main Article: Desert Scarabs

The Desert Scarabs are a band of orphaned thieves who steal food, Neopoints and other valuables within Sakhmet. They were featured in the Lost Desert Plot and Desert Diplomacy.

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