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Samrin the Blue Kacheek is the hero of Extreme Herder. He must defend the petpets from Balthazar.

Better Than You[edit]

Samrin has been a contestant on Better Than You three times:

Date: August 31, 2006 You want to help out saving the Petpets? Well, sure I guess... but don't expect to be an expert like me immediately. It takes a lot of hard work to be as quick as I am. If you can beat me at it, I'll give you a Doglefox plushie to take home!
Game: Extreme Herder
Score: 280
Prize: Doglefox Plushie

Date: February 5, 2009 I just got back from an exhausting day of shepherding, and what do I find by my home? A bunch of Kadoaties stuck in a tree! I managed to get some down, but I can't reach the upper branches. I've contacted the Warf Rescue Team and they're on their way. I have to go now, so do you think you can help them out when they arrive?
Game: Warf Rescue Team
Score: 900
Prize: The History of the Origami Warf

Date: April 26, 2012 Oh, what do I do? That mean old Balthazar keeps getting into my fields! And then… he EATS my Petpets! Nooo! I was raising them, caring for them, feeding them nutritious grass… all that work wasted. I had big plans for rack of Babaa on my dinner table too. Uh, I mean I love my Petpets! Balthazar should be stopped.
Game: Extreme Herder 2
Score: 560
Prize: Magenta Tulips


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