Rasala the Bright

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"This mysterious obelisk... it is right that we claim it, isn't it?"

Rasala the Bright is a Red Bori and the current leader of the Order of the Red Erisim. Her power comes from the Heart of the Mountain, the crystal of the Bori's homeland.

Rasala can be found at Battleground of the Obelisk, fighting on behalf of the Order.


War for the Obelisk[edit]

Main article: War for the Obelisk

When the mysterious obelisk first appeared in Tyrannia, Rasala and the Order of the Red Erisim set out to claim it for themselves, only to be met with war.

In an Neopedia article, it is revealed that Rasala first feared the Obelisk in case its power corrupted her, like Xandra's fate in The Faeries' Ruin. Alshemar, however, thought her caution was wise, for the fact that she questioned her powers meant she is worthy of them.


Rasala the Bright

Portrait 241.png
Release Date: March 13, 2013
Difficulty: 225 / 338 / 450
HP: 225 / 338 / 450
Arena: Ugga Dome
Unlocked by: Battleground of the Obelisk opponent

Weapons Used
Freezing Potion Attack: 2×2 WaterWater   Defence: 100% BE Stat Freeze.gif (Once per battle)
Thyoras Tear Defence: All×All AirAir Defence  ×DarknessDarkness Defence  ×EarthEarth Defence  ×FireFire Defence  ×LightLight Defence  ×PhysicalPhysical Defence  ×WaterWater Defence  (Once per battle)
Dusty Magic Broom Attack: 3×3 AirAir   5×5 EarthEarth   Defence: 5×5 LightLight Defence 
Ornate Violet Cloak Defence: 3×3 FireFire Defence  3×3 AirAir Defence  3×3 LightLight Defence 
Porcelain Hair Sticks Attack: 5×5 FireFire   5×5 WaterWater   2 - 9×2 - 9 PhysicalPhysical  
Laced Wooden Staff Attack: 3×3 LightLight   Defence: 3×3 DarknessDarkness Defence  3×3 PhysicalPhysical Defence 
Ancient Gnarled Wand Attack: 2×2 EarthEarth   3×3 AirAir   3×3 DarknessDarkness   Defence: 3×3 LightLight Defence 
Amulet of Altador Attack: 3×3 AirAir   3×3 LightLight   Defence: 3×3 WaterWater Defence  3×3 DarknessDarkness Defence 

Abilities Used
Static Cling Attack: 3×3 LightLight  
Meditate Defence: 4 Heart.png on use, 4 Heart.png the following round
Meh Defence: Reduces damage taken this round by 5%
Sear Attack: 4×4 FireFire   on use, 4×4 FireFire   the following round
Shhhhhhhhh... Defence: Prevents enemy from using abilities for one round
Float Defence: 21%×21% LightLight Defence  21%×21% WaterWater Defence  21%×21% AirAir Defence 
Warlock's Rage Defence: Prevents opponent from using weapons for one round

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