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More info in "Overview" (more species info than technical info)
Just a few of the Petpetpets available

A Petpetpet is a very tiny insect-like creature which acts as a parasite or pet (depending on the Petpetpet) to Petpets. The first Petpetpets were released on June 11, 2003.


Petpetpets take many different shapes, the majority of which bear strong resemblance to real insects. All of them use the body of their Petpet master as a home, and some even use it as a food source.

In Neopets, Petpetpets are usually expensive, and are often viewed as a status symbol. Their high price is due to the fact that they will only appear from a rare Random Event, in which a random Petpet attached to one of the user's Neopets catches one and brings it back to their owner in its mouth. Because of how easy it is to lose the Petpetpet from the user's inventory (see explanation in "How to attach" below), keeping a Petpetpet from the Random Event is difficult. However, once a Petpetpet is attached to a Petpet, it is attached for good. The only way that a Petpetpet can be removed from a Petpet is if the user removes the Petpet from their Neopet, in which case the Petpetpet attached will simply vanish.

List of Petpetpets[edit]

As of August 2011, 40 different Petpetpets have been released...

How to attach[edit]

Once obtained, a Petpetpet can attach itself to a Petpet by the following means:

  • The Petpet which will become the host of the Petpetpet which is attached to the users active Neopet.
  • The Petpetpet is in their inventory.
  • Refresh the inventory until the Petpetpet disappears.

Assuming the disappearance was not the fault of the Pant Devil or a similar Random Event-thief, the Petpetpet should now be attached to the Petpet of the users active Neopet. If a user wants to remove the Petpetpet, all they need to do is unequip the Petpet, which is achieved by clicking on the Petpet on the user's Quick Ref page and selecting "Stop Playing with (Petpet's name)." The Petpetpet will then be gone, with no way of retrieving it.

Plot appearances[edit]

Due to being small, Petpetpets don't play very big roles in plots, but they have been known to make appearances all the same. In The Tale of Woe, a few Petpetpets could be found in dug up graves (only as art, not as prize/real item) during the gravedigging of plot completion. In Petpet Adventures: The Wand of Wishing, Petpetpets were used to give bonuses to stats. In Journey to the Lost Isle, Petpetpets played a much bigger role, being the giant, mutant monsters the explorers faced during their stay on the island. Some were hostile, having to be fought in order for the explorers to escape, and others where either herbivores or only attacked when felt threatened.

Rejected Petpetpets[edit]


Two images of unreleased Petpetpets can be found in Neopets' image database. It can be concluded from their image URL they have been created either at the same time as the Mootix, Breebly, Cooty and Vernax, or shortly thereafter. Exactly what they are is unknown. They could be rejected designs from the early Petpetpet creation stages or "joke items" (much like the items from July 22, 2006) which The Neopets Team eventually decided not to release. Oddly though, the Petpetpet resembling a plucked bird was the first Petpetpet to ever appear in a picture of the Caption Competition.

Petpet Park[edit]

On April 5, 2012, Petpet Park introduced several new petpetpets only available for purchase by Petpet Park members for use within the game. As of January 2013, there are 15 different petpetpets in existence:


Moach avatar
Mootix avatar
  • As of May 31, 2007, there are two Avatars dedicated to Petpetpets. The first is the Mootix avatar, obtained by attaching a Mootix to your Petpet. The second is the Moach avatar (May 23, 2005), obtained by viewing the pet lookup of a pet with a Moach attached to its Petpet.
  • As of May 31, 2007, there are 82 Petpetpet related items.
  • November 12, 2003 was themed Mootix Day.
  • April 18, 2007 was themed Creepy Crawly Day and was (mainly) dedicated to Petpetpets.

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