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Pacha is a Tyrannian Elephante who runs the Tyrannian Petpets Shop. As a veterinarian, Pacha takes pride in caring for the Tyrannian Petpets sold in his shop, caring for them and nursing them back to health. Once they have recovered, Pacha allows them to find a home to be loved and appreciated as they were during their stay in his shop.

When Pacha was a younger, he had plenty of food, friends, things to do, and not a care in the world. One day he became sick with a prehistoric version of NeoPox. With no cure for NeoPox in Tyrannia at the time, Pacha simply laid in bed and drank coconut juice. Pacha would have died if Dr. Chombasha didn't discover cure to the Tyrannian strain of NeoPox. Thankful for being saved, Pacha dedicated himself to helping sick and disabled Tyrannians. During his studies, he realised there were hardly any doctors for Petpets, and decided to focus on the care and treatment of Petpets, leading to the work Pacha does today at the Tyrannian Petpets Shop.

Better Than You[edit]

Pacha has been a contestant on Better Than You once:

Date: October 18, 2006 Petpets and their owners alike know that no one takes better care of Petpet than I do! Even with a whole room full of them to take care of, I won't falter a bit. Just take a look at my Petpet Sitter score! Pretty impressive, eh? Let's see if you can do better!
Game: Petpetsitter
Score: 4,500
Prize: Alkenore

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