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An image of the Neopets App being used by snarkie

The Neopets App is an upcoming mobile application to assist in using the Neopets website on a smart phone. Plans for the app were first announced on 4 February 2014, when users were shown a trailer and invited to help pick a name for the product. It is the successor to Neopets Mobile, a subscription service for WAP-capable phones that was discontinued in 2009.

The three names that were under consideration were Neopets On the Go!, Neopets Mobile, and Neopets Go!. Although the poll closed on 10 February, no announcement has been made of which name was chosen.

After being acquired by JumpStart, The Neopets Team confirmed they would "certainly" be developing for mobile phones as they are "one of the things that JumpStart is really good at", and later that they were in the "the super-early stages of a mobile / Facebook game design right now".


The beta version trailer promised certain features. Players would be able to check on their Neopets; play games and dailies; and access the Neoboards, their Neomail, and the New Features page.

The games specifically shown in the trailer as working under the app were Kass Basher and Meerca Chase. In 2013, "test" versions of Meerca Chase and Sutek's Tomb were added to the Games Room under ID numbers 1357 and 1358. The Meerca Chase test game was originally titled "Meerca Chase Mobile", foreshadowing the announcement of mobile games.

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