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The Neocam is a webcam within the Neopets headquarters where The Neopets Team works, taking pictures as they move about the offices. It also represents the photo directory used to share other images. It was introduced on (need date).


Since it's introduction, the Neocam allowed users to watch the TNT work about the office. Photos are taken in real time, showing you what TNT is doing in Neopian Standard Time. Besides being entertainment, the Neocam has been used as a tool for communication with users, with written messages being left to read in front of the webcam, like during The Tale of Woe, when server issues occurred.

The final image taken by the Neocam was on May 16, 2007 at 6:57:04 PM NST, and no explanation has been given as to why the Neocam is down, be it webcam malfunction or if they had decided the feature would no longer be used.

In the Editorial of issue 510 of the Neopian Times, posted in 2011, the Neocam was mentioned with a possible comeback, though, the comeback never followed through.

"Actually, Snarkie announced just a couple of days ago that she finally found where the Meepits had hidden the Neocam. We'll attempt to get it up and running, but Meepits have chewed on the wires pretty severely, so no promises." [Source]


  • The newest webcam used for the Neocam was claimed to be 60 dollars, with the TNT joking quoted saying "We finally have a Neocam for our new office! This new cam is much better than the old one. (It better be for 60 bucks! *cough*)" on the Neocam main page.

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