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Various Neoitems logos. was a Japanese-based fansite and item database, founded on May 25, 2001 to provide a complete listing of Neopian items. It once hosted the largest online database of all known available or unavailable items within the game. The site was available in both English and Japanese.

There was a large, active forum integrated into the website with sections for Neopets. Membership to the forum used to be required to search the item database, a measure taken to reduce traffic, but participation through it was not.

The site has been offline since September 2012.

History[edit] is credited as being the first complete item database for Neopets. Opened in 2003, it was constructed by a user then known as 'Webmaster', and established many of the features seen in most Item Databases today. It was run by by a Japanese company known as ThreadsDev, a company established by the creator of NeoItems.

The site ran smoothly for many years, receiving many updates and features during it's lifespan. It featured a thriving and active forum, which remained active for many years, on-site events, and a blog.

The site shut down in 2012, following the termination of the Japanese translation of Neopets. ThreadsDev however still remains online.


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