Mutated Chia

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The Mutated Chia is a former battledome opponent that is no longer available.


Mutated Chia
Difficulty: 40 Starting HP: 54
Arena: Released: Unknown
Status: Retired Challenger ID: n/a
Found by: Unknown

Uses the sponsor ability Aura, Frost, Inertia, Psychic Attack, Scorch

Leaked Items[edit]

The Mutant Chia Dagger and Mutant Chia Snot, two items leaked to the Neopian public.
The main reason he was retired is probably because weapons were leaked out of him somehow. One-Player Battledome opponents usually have a few items that are "not available to the general Neopian public." Except, in the Mutated Chia's case, some of those items were available to the general Neopian public.

Details of how the weapons were leaked or how many exist aren't available. We can estimate how many are available, only a few, maybe only one. The items could be sold for a fortune, but would probably be display items only, because they're not very good weapons. Each does four, possibly six, icons of damage.