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Mister Shankly during the Ski Lodge Murder Mystery.

Mister Shankly, real name Josh, was a member of The Neopets Team, primarily involved in the writing side of Neopets. His duties have included being editor of the Neopian Times up until issue 75 (when Snowflake took over), the Storytelling contest and writing Neopedia articles. He has also taken part in Staff Plots, such as the Ski Lodge Murder Mystery, being the third-to-last lodger to fall.

Josh took the psedynom Mister Shankly from a song entitled "Frankly, Mr Shankly" by The Smiths. He shows his Steven Patrick Morrissey fandom through his quiff and glasses, his desire for a quiff paintbrush, and by leaving small marks in his writing. He captioned a picture in his Neopedia entry on the bendy desk lamp with "there is a light that never goes out..." - the title of another The Smiths song.

Mr Shankly also has a love of Dung, and many of the submissions to the his final Neopian Times were about dung as a parting gift.

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