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Type Tyrannian
Release Date May 20, 2003
Petpet Puddle

The Mazzew is a mouse-like Petpet from Tyrannia. Mazzews love green Neggs and cheese. They are featured as a playable character in Petpet Adventures: The Wand of Wishing.


The Mazzew is currently available in 23 different colours:


An Isnewee

Before the Mazzew became the Mazzew, it was known as the Isnewee. Because it was essentially the same as the Hornsby, it was changed into a different Petpet. Unlike other Petpets who underwent both a name and appearance change, isnewees which were equipped were not changed.

Petpet Protection League[edit]

The Mazzew has been selected for the Petpet Protection League award twice:

Week 35
Petpet Mazzew
Date March 4, 2004
Week 483
Petpet Glowing Mazzew
Date January 10, 2013


  • The Mazzew can be combined with an Uggatrip in the Cooking Pot to create an Uggazew.
  • There are currently 22 different items that feature the Mazzew, including three TCG cards.
  • There is an avatar that users can obtain by attaching a Mazzew to one of their Neopets for at least 221 days then visiting that pet's lookup.

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