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Lady Frostbite is a female Blue Krawk villain and Battledome opponent in Defenders of Neopia Series 2 who rules over the Darblats on an icy island south of Krawk Island, and has supernatural powers of frost magic and controlling snow and ice-related minions. She is known for her somewhat cliche villain goals. She was released on August 9, 2007.

Plot summary[edit]

Defenders of Neopia Series 2[edit]

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After HQ receives reports of suspicious activity south of Krawk Island, Torchio is sent to investigate and discovers an ice fortress occupied by Lady Frostbite and her Darblat servants. Her ultimate goal is to turn Neopia into a frozen wasteland using an enormous snow cone machine. Fortunately, Torchio's firepower proves to be stronger and her diabolical plan is foiled.

Defenders of Neopia Profile[edit]

  • Age - Early 20s
  • Difficulty - 40
  • Last Seen - Southern frozen wastelands
  • Status - Defeated
  • Favourite Game - Snow Wars II
  • Renowned For - Cliche plans of world domination and revenge.
  • Description - Blue female Krawk with gold markings and white mane, wearing light blue clothing and a pendant. Possesses frost magic and can control snow and ice related minions.


Portrait 178.png
Lady Frostbite
Difficulty: 40Easy · 60Medium · 80Hard Starting HP: 40Easy · 60Medium · 80Hard
Arena: Frost Arena Released: August 9, 2007
Status: Active Challenger ID: 178
Found by: Viewing Issue 98 of the Storytelling Competition.

Uses Aura, Frost and Inertia.


  • How To Draw tutorial added September 6, 2007.

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