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King Roothless image from his Collectible Card

King Roothless is a green Blumaroo whose name was officially released on March 31rst, 2008, even though he was first seen in a rare Neodeck card called King Roos Nemesis. This coincided with the release of the game Dungeon Dash and the final chapter of The Daily Dare Story Neovision episodes, where it was revealed that he was behind the capturing and imprisoning of Aristotle A. Avinroo and his little sister Abigail. Even though the description on the card says that Roothless despises games, the motivation he gave for the kidnapping was to finally prove himself the best gamer in all of Neopia. Scram, a blue Wocky, was the one who actually abducted the children and then apparently guarded them, while they played non-stop in the dungeon. Scram is also the chasing enemy in Dungeon Dash, thanks to a mishap with one of his three yo-yos.


  • King Roothless's name is probably a deliberate misspelling of the word ruthless, referring to his uncaring nature.
  • Roothless was a candidate for the Best Villain category during the 2008 Neopies.

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