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Kiko Lake Carpentry is a shop in Kiko Lake that sells furniture that users can place in their NeoHome. The shopkeeper is a Yellow Kiko holding a hammer and nails.


This section documents a list of items sold in a shop.
This list may become incomplete as the shop releases new items.
  • Amber Coral Coffee Table
  • Anemone in a Shell Pot
  • Aqua Coral Pillow
  • Aquatic Arrangement
  • Bubble Bath Tub
  • Bubble Bean Bag
  • Bubble Chair
  • Bubble Curtains
  • Bubble Mirror
  • Bubble Rug
  • Bubble Sink
  • Bubble Stove
  • Bubble Table
  • Bubble Toilet
  • Coral Fireplace
  • Coral Salt and Pepper Shakers
  • Coral Sink
  • Coral Toilet
  • Floral Shell Curtains
  • Green Kiko Rug
  • Grey Coral Table
  • Kelp Window Blinds
  • Kiko Arm Chair
  • Lemon Coral Chair
  • Magenta Coral Lamp
  • Orange Coral Bed
  • Orange Coral Chair
  • Orange Coral Shelves
  • Orange Coral Table
  • Orange Coral Wardrobe
  • Orange Kiko Sofa
  • Padded White Shell Chair
  • Pink Coral Coat Rack
  • Pink Coral in a Shell Pot
  • Pink Oyster Shell Chair
  • Purple Coral Bean Bag
  • Purple Coral Chair
  • Purple Coral Sculpture
  • Purple Coral Table
  • Rainbow Sea Life in Shell Pot
  • Red Kiko Desk
  • Rose Coral Rug
  • Seaweed Curtain
  • Seaweed Drawers
  • Seaweed Hammock
  • Seaweed Pillow
  • Seaweed Rug
  • Seaweed Sofa
  • Shell Foot Rest
  • Shell Mirror
  • Shell Stool
  • Shell Table Lamp
  • Shell Wall Art
  • Sunset Coral Armchair
  • Sunset Coral Bed
  • Sunset Coral Lamp
  • Sunset Coral Wardrobe
  • Wiggling Seaweed Plant
  • Yellow Shell Table

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