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Jimmy James was a long-time member of The Neopets Team. He participated in two of the earliest staff events: the Ski Lodge Murder Mystery plot, where he was crushed by a wine rack, and the Krawk Cup. In addition, he won the Daily Dare 2010 staff tournament.

He played for Team Maraqua during Altador Cup staff tournaments. In 2006, he reached Round 2, losing to DJ Skellington. In 2011, he placed 4th overall with 22,115 points.

Jimmy James is very fond of his red stapler. It had become a running gag during site events.

From 30 March 2012 until an unknown date, his favourite games were listed in the Games Room's Staff Picks. They were Snowmuncher, Sutek's Tomb, Meepit Juice Break, Hannah and the Kreludor Caves, Snot Splatter, Turmac Roll, Wheeler's Wild Ride, Spinacles, Spellseeker, and Sophie's Stew.

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