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Jahbal is the main antagonist in NeoQuest I. An Eyrie sorcerer, Jahbal was a member of Circle of Twelve, the magical society that governed Neopia, until he went insane with power and began to wreck havoc on the world.

Jahbal lead the siege of Kal Panning, and cursed the city, turning its people and Faelinn into zombies. The Circle began to worry over Jahbal, and when he went to the Palace of the Two Rings, his apparent base of operations, a powerful enchantment was set into place to ensure he could never come out. While Jahbal may have been confined, his evil was not, and his magic began to bleed through the boundaries and stir creatures into monsters to savage the lands. He is responsible for many of the events in the game, such as the monster invasion in the Jungle Ruins and in the Temple of Roo. It is agreed by many NPCs in the game that he must be stopped.

He is the final boss for those playing in Normal Mode, but is followed immediately by the Mastermind for those playing Evil and Insane modes. Jahbal has 700 HP, is level 50 and can perform 90 HP fire, ice and shock attacks, and stun for up to three rounds, due to him being a powerful magic user.


  • Jahbal is one of the only 2 known Neopet characters drawn with five fingers, the other being Lord Darigan, though sometimes Clara Chatham and Judge Hog are drawn like that.

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