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An Item Gallery (Gallery for short), is a place for users to showcase their collected items.

In the past, before Shops and Galleries became separate, players would use their shops to showcase their items, pricing them at 100,000 NP or above so they couldn't be bought by other players. Since the creation of the Gallery option, Shops are used exclusively for selling items and users could no longer price items over 99,999 NP.

Players with well-organized, unique, and attractive-looking galleries can submit them into the Gallery Spotlight Competition, the winner of which receives 10,000 NP and a Trophy.

Galleries are not free to create. Like Shops, a user must open and then upgrade a Gallery to make room for their collection. The initial fee is 200 NP and each additional upgrade adds five slots of space and costs 200 NP more than the previous upgrade (400 NP, then 600 NP, 800 NP, etc...). Players with extremely large Galleries sometimes spend as much on upgrading their Gallery size as on purchasing the items to put in it. For example, a user with a size 80 Gallery, which has room for 400 items, must pay 16,000 NP to upgrade. Additionally, this investment is non-refundable. A user can not shrink the size of their Gallery to get the NP back.

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