Illustrious Armoury

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Illustrious Armoury is a shop in the Altador which sells Altadorian Battledome Equipment. It is owned by a Brown Elephante.


As of June 2010, 20 Weapons are sold at Illustrious Armoury...

  • Ala Sword
  • Altadorian Battle Helmet
  • Altadorian Body Armour
  • Altadorian Coin Purse
  • Altadorian Initiate Sword
  • Altadorian Practice Helmet
  • Altadorian Throwing Axe
  • Double Pointed Spear
  • Gold Handled Short Sword
  • Guantlets of the Sun
  • Hard Leather Bracers
  • Perfectly Flat Rock Shield
  • Shining Shoulderpiece
  • Sterling Greaves
  • Telescope Lens
  • The Astronomy Club
  • Thief Dagger
  • Tooled Leather Boots
  • Warriors Rectangular Shield
  • Warriors Round Shield

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