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Some basic Fuzzles.

A Fuzzle is a type of toy in Neopia, released on (need date).


Almost on every single item description of the Fuzzle reads "Hello, I am a cute little Fuzzle. I want to be your friend," although there are a few Fuzzles which break from this rule. They are often confused to be Baby JubJubs, of which there is no relation. Two known Fuzzles, the pink and blue ones, can be ripped apart and become a Broken Toy.

Evil Fuzzle[edit]

toy_evilfuzzle_green.gif toy_evilfuzzle_orange.gif
toy_evilfuzzel.gif toy_evilfuzzle_purple.gif
Evil Fuzzles.

An Evil Fuzzle is still the same fuzzy doll with a slightly spooky appearance. The most common item description of them is "Hello, I am a cute little Evil Fuzzle. I want to be your friend," but this varies from each Evil Fuzzle, with the toy threatening it will take over the world, or something is wrong with it. Their true evil is shown in the game Evil Fuzzles from Beyond the Stars, where they tear apart machinery with their large and sharp teeth, and have red eyes.


  • As of February 2009, there are 18 Fuzzles, 23 Evil Fuzzles, and 17 Fuzzle themed items.
  • The How to Draw tutorials for both normal and evil Fuzzles was released on October 29, 2003.
  • An avatar can be earned if you keep playing a Blue Evil Fuzzle with your pet until it says "BOO!"
  • they were later redrawn on September 29, 2010

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