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Neggs are Neopian fruits that resemble eggs. They come in a wide variety of colours and patterns and are associated with the Festival of Neggs at Easter. Most Neggs can be eaten, although a few may be used in the Battledome.

Many types of Negg can be exchanged at the Neggery for Negg tokens from Kari, which users can use to purchase special Neggs with unique effects that cannot be acquired anywhere else. Some Neggs are given out by the Easter Cybunny random event, and other Neggs can be won by playing Key Quest. Many of the items in the Snowager's pile of treasure are Neggs and they are a common prize from it.

Neggs were inspired by N'eggs, food items from the dungeon crawler game Bloodwych.


Main Article: Neggery

The Neggery is a place located in the Ice Caves of Terror Mountain where users can trade various Neggs for tokens based on their rarity. These tokens can be then be traded in for Neggs that have a special effect on your Neopet when eaten or that can be used in the Battledome. It is run by, Kari, the Negg Faerie who spends all her time with Neggs, be it trading, collecting or simply looking over them.

Festival of Neggs[edit]

Main Article: Festival of Neggs

The Festival of Neggs is an annual, springtime event in which Kari the Negg Faerie displays the Neggs she worked hard all year to cultivate. During the Festival, Kari comes down from the cold of Terror Mountain to celebrate with the rest of Neopia. Users can help her to prepare by completing a series of quests.

The festival has been running since 2010 and each year contain a number of activities for users to partake in. So far there are quests to complete followed by a Negg hunt that takes place across the entire site. Finding the various Neggs gives the player prizes based on the type and amount of Neggs they found.

List of Edible Neggs[edit]

As well as the Neggs that can be traded in and the special effect Neggs, there are a number of them that are only edible and have no special effect.

Name Image
A Dozen Neggs Foo negg dozen.gif
Blue and Red Checkered Easter Negg NeggBlueRedCheckered.gif
Blue Cybunny Negg NeggBlueCybunny.gif
Boiled Striped Xweetok Negg NeggBoiledXweetok.gif
Cheese Negg NeggCheese.gif
Brightly Coloured Easter Negg NeggBrightlyColoured.gif
Chocolate Cybunny Negg NeggChocolateCybunny.gif
Chocolate Negg NeggChocolate.gif
Coltzan Negg NeggColtzan.gif
Congratulations Negg NeggCongrats.gif
Cupid Negg NeggCupid.gif
Decorated Negg NeggDecorated.gif
Garin Negg NeggGarin.gif
Grarrl Keno Negg NeggGrarrlKeno.gif
Grilled Negg NeggGrilled.gif
Happy Anniversary Negg NeggAnniversary.gif
Happy Birthday Negg NeggBirthday.gif
Heart Shaped Negg NeggHeart.gif
Invisible Negg NeggInvisible.gif
Jazzy Easter Negg NeggJazzy.gif
Jelly Negg NeggJelly.gif
Name Image
Jewelled Negg NeggJewelled.gif
Jhudora Rotten Negg NeggJhudora.gif
Lenny Conundrum Negg NeggLennyConundrum.gif
Meerca Negg NeggMeerca.gif
Metallic Negg Foo fony14 negg metallic.gif
Mosaic Negg NeggMosaic.gif
Mummified Negg NeggMummified.gif
Mutant Negg NeggMutant.gif
Mystical Mystery Island Negg NeggMysteryIsland.gif
Negg Faerie Negg Foo advc2012 negg fng.gif
Nutty Chocolate Negg NeggNuttyChocolate.gif
Paper Negg NeggPaper.gif
Patterned Chocolate Negg NeggPatterendChocolate.gif
Pirate Negg NeggPirate.gif
Platinum Negg NeggPlatinum.gif
Pretty Purple Princess Negg NeggPrettyPurple.gif
Purple Swirls Easter Negg NeggPurpleSwirls.gif
Purple Swirly Easter Negg NeggPurpleSwirly.gif
Pyranegg NeggPyramid.gif
Rainbow Cybunny Negg NeggRainbowCybunny.gif
Red Meerca Negg NeggRedMeerca.gif
Name Image
Sand Negg NeggSand.gif
Scaled Negg NeggScaled.gif
Scarab Negg NeggScarab.gif
Scarblade Negg NeggScarblade.gif
Sloth Negg NeggSloth.gif
Snowager Negg NeggSnowager.gif
Snowy Negg NeggSnowy.gif
Starflower Patterned Easter Negg NeggStarflower.gif
Steak Negg NeggSteak.gif
Steel Negg NeggSteel.gif
Stormy Negg NeggStormy.gif
Stripy Easter Negg NeggStripy.gif
Stylish Negg NeggStylish.gif
Sunflower Pattern Easter Negg NeggSunflower.gif
Sunny Altador Negg NeggSunnyAltador.gif
Taelia Negg NeggTaelia.gif
Treasure Map Negg NeggTreasureMap.gif
Tyrannian Water Negg NeggTyrannianWater.gif
Valentines Negg NeggValentine.gif
Zombie Negg Foo advc2013 neggzombie.gif

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