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Feepit Image.gif
Type Wintery Petpet
Release Date December 11, 2003
Petpet Puddle

The Feepit is a puppy-like Petpet originally released as a prize for the Year 5 Advent Calendar (in 2003). It has since been sold at Wintery Petpets. The Feepit received its name by the sound they make as they call to each other.

Their connection to the Meepit besides having a different first letter in their name is unclear, but their apparent dislike of each other is made clear in Meepit vs. Feepit.


The Feepit is currently available in 17 different colours:

Petpet Protection League[edit]

The Feepit has been selected for the Petpet Protection League award twice:

Week 69
Petpet Feepit
Date December 23, 2004
Week 487
Petpet Custard Feepit
Date February 7, 2013
Week 573
Petpet Starry Feepit
Date November 6, 2014


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