Deserted Tomb

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The entrance to the Deserted Tomb

The Deserted Tomb is an ancient monument located in the Lost City of Geraptiku on Mystery Island. Since 13 July 2005, users may try once a day to pillage the tomb for the treasure and relics it holds, but must be wary of the numerous traps inside.

The Deserted Tomb is perhaps the only relic of the former Geraptiku which isn't crumbling and passing into legend. At the top of the pyramid is a stone circle, which is called by the Mystery Island natives kalahnto, which loosely translates into the word "judgement".


From the main Deserted Tomb page, the user must click the button reading Open the stone door to the Deserted Tomb..., then, after the door raises halfway up its frame, Continue on, at the risk of never returning. There's no turning back.. After entering, the door will "unexpected[ly]" slam shut behind the user.

The player and their active Neopet will then either be chased out of the tomb by a Ghost Hissi, find a treasure room that has already been plundered, or set off an arrow trap that will cost their Neopet some hit points. There are two more scenarios that result in earning a prize: the player may find a Deserted Tomb prize hidden under a Lizark, or find a new treasure room, where they earn a Deserted Tomb prize and a codestone, bottled Faerie, or Tropical Food, and some Neopoints.

When the player finds some treasure, there is a chance they will also earn an Avatar.

The possible Deserted Tomb prizes are:

  • Bone Sceptre
  • Crunchy Skullberry
  • Earth Stone Gem
  • Geraptiku Burger
  • Geraptiku Fly Trap
  • Geraptiku Punch
  • Geraptiku Recipes
  • Geraptiku Snowglobe
  • Golden Geraptiku Talisman
  • Island Native Techo Plushie
  • Lucky Bone Necklace
  • Obsidian Dagger
  • Potgatkerchi Plushie
  • Red Geraptiku Vase
  • Traditional Bone Throne
  • Wind Up Potgatkerchi Toy


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