Chia Giant

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The Chia Giants are a class of monster in NeoQuest I. They are large, bearded chias that all have a affinity of lighting. In NeoQuest II, the Frost Chia Giant reappears as Giant Frost Chia. These giant chias attacked travellers on the Chia Spur, near the city of Kal Panning.

Name Level HP range Special Attacks Loot Image
Storm Chia Giant 35 163-196 shock_dmg.gif 1 none 400159_astormgiant.gif
Lightning Chia Giant 36 ? shock_dmg.gif ? none 400163_alightninggiant.gif
Thunder Chia Giant 37 ? shock_dmg.gif ? ? 400161_athundergiant.gif
Frost Chia Giant 38 176-210 ice_dmg.gif 45 shock_dmg.gif 1 Standard healing potion 400165_afrostgiant.gif
Chaos Chia Giant ? ? shock_dmg.gif ? ? 400169_achaosgiant.gif
Reaver Chia Giant ? ? shock_dmg.gif ? ? 400167_areavergiant.gif