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The Chia Clown is a Yellow Chia and one of the many one-player challengers that users can fight in the Battledome. Like Mr. Chuckles, the Chia Clown was an entertainer at the Theme Parks before they closed down. Despite being a clown and a prankster, the Chia Clown isn't very funny, which causes him to get bullied and teased by other Neopets.


Portrait 31.png
Chia Clown
Difficulty: 10Easy · 15Medium · 20Hard Starting HP: 10Easy · 15Medium · 20Hard
Arena: Central Arena Released: February 26, 2002
Status: Active Challenger ID: 31
Found by: Default challenger.

Weapons Used (In Order Stolen)
Ultra Rainbow Flash Attack: 1×1 FireFire   2×2 LightLight   Defence: 1×1 DarknessDarkness Defence 
Downsize Power Plus Defence: All×All AirAir Defence  ×DarknessDarkness Defence  ×EarthEarth Defence  ×FireFire Defence  ×LightLight Defence  ×PhysicalPhysical Defence  ×WaterWater Defence  (Once per battle)
Feather Tickler Attack: 2×2 PhysicalPhysical  
Chia Clown Car Attack: 0 - 2×0 - 2 PhysicalPhysical  
Chia Clown Flower Attack: 2 - 4×2 - 4 WaterWater  
Chia Clown Seltzer Attack: 2×2 AirAir   2×2 WaterWater  
Chia Clown Umbrella Defence: 2×2 WaterWater Defence  2×2 LightLight Defence 
Chia Clown Wig Defence: 2×2 EarthEarth Defence  2×2 PhysicalPhysical Defence 

Abilities Used
Aura Attack: 1×1 LightLight   Defence: 1×1 DarknessDarkness Defence 
Frost Attack: 1×1 WaterWater   Defence: 1×1 FireFire Defence 
Inertia Attack: 1×1 AirAir   Defence: 1×1 EarthEarth Defence 
Scorch Attack: 1×1 FireFire   1×1 LightLight   Defence: 1×1 DarknessDarkness Defence  1×1 WaterWater Defence 

Better Than You[edit]

The Chia Clown has been a contestant on Better Than You twice:

Date: May 11, 2006 Heeheehee! No one can hurl pies faster than me! These robot imitations don't have a chance! Watch THIS! *splat* Think you can do better? That's a laugh!
Game: Carnival of Terror
Score: 1,400
Prize: Chia Attack Spring

Date: August 7, 2008 Tee hee hee hee! Ready for some fun everyone? Welcome to my carnival! I'm sure you'll have a blast playing with my friends. Prove yourself to be an expert pie-thrower and I'll give you a prize! Hee hee hee!
Game: Carnival of Terror
Score: 700
Prize: Clown Kacheek Wig

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