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Brynn in Brightvale uniform.

Brynneth (usually shortened to Brynn) is an Orange Kougra who was a hero of The Faeries' Ruin plot. She was a knight of Brightvale, sent by King Hagan to investigate the curse, and following the events of the plot was appointed Captain of Queen Fyora's Guards.

Plot summary[edit]

The Faeries' Ruin[edit]

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Brynn was sent to Faerieland to investigate the crisis involving the petrification of the Faeries. Although surprised to see the thief Hanso at the scene of the crime, she asked the other with her to hear his story. She was upset once she learned he was part of the problem when he stole some magic items from a scholar named Xandra, and sold one of them to Hubrid Nox.

Inside Castle Nox, Brynn caught up with Hanso, who snuck in a secret passage to find Nox. The villain escaped, at which point, Brynn had accused Hanso of letting him go. They soon put their argument on hold and used a nearby control panel to liberate the heroes.

During her return to Brightvale, she reluctantly imprisoned Hanso in the castle dungeon while finding a means to save Faerieland. She came across a rare book she lent to Hanso before shadowy creatures stormed the city walls. She was captured by the creatures and was taken to a cave outside Brightvale. She, Xandra, and Hanso helped the captives within and escaped the cave. Seeing a map in the book, they traveled to an old ruin where they found an artefact, similar to the one Hanso stole from Xandra.

They reunited with King Altador and the others in the Haunted Woods, where Brynn informed the king with grim news that the crisis has transcended beyond Faerieland and was affecting Neopia.

She and Hanso helped Xandra with the spell that they hoped would save the Faeries. Instead, she and Hanso were horrified to learn the spell had petrified their allies. Worst of all, they found out that Xandra was responsible for everything that had happened, including the Faeries' plight and the floating kingdom's crash into the ground. Brynn was reprimanded by Xandra that "not everything is as black and white" as she believes, and that the Faeries had to be dealt with "for the good of Neopia". She and Hanso were given an offer to help Xandra "rebuild" Neopia, but she immediately refused. However, despite her effort to convince Hanso to help her stop the mad witch, she was shocked to see Hanso seemingly accept.

Much to Brynn's surprise, however, Hanso swiped the small artefact from Xandra before he tossed it to Brynn, telling her to destroy it. She hesitated in the confusion, giving Xandra enough time to try to summon the artefact back. Hanso grabbed it before telling Brynn to run, while the enraged Xweetok follows suit.

She finally learned that Hanso has come up with a desperate plan to stop Xandra, but hears that she won't like the result. While he dealt with the witch, she faced a summoned giant Wraith called Oblivion until Hanso made his move. Oblivion was wiped out and the skies cleared. However, the Kougra knight was shocked to see the end result Hanso warned her about, as both he and Xandra were turned to stone

Thanks to a recovered Fyora, however, Hanso was freed from the effect. Brynn kissed him on the cheek, glad to see he was okay.

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