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The Battlewreck was a player-compiled database for Neopets with the highest strength, defence, and hitpoint statistics. It was released for public use by climber07 on Pink Poogle Toy on 27th February 2009. It closed following the end of the In-Depth Battlepedia.


Neopets were added to the database by their owners, and included by administrators providing the sum of their strength, defence, and hitpoint statistics is greater than 300. The database can be searched by each statistic or the sum of them, and also by their owner's country or alphabetically by the name of the pet or owner. The database is updated every day.

It was similar to the In-Depth Battlepedia's Top 250 Pets (formerly Top 50 Pets) list, which was relaunched soon after battlewreck.


It closed relatively around the same time as the iDB, along with several of PPT's other functions.

The list as since been reformed at Jellyneo's Battlepedia.

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