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The Battlepedia is section of the Neopets Battledome that indexes, as of May 2007, 1430 Battledome weapons. Users can choose to browse the Battlepedia alphabetically, or can search for an item name.

The weapons' entries are limited: they will note the types of icons the weapon can attack or defend with, but not the quantity. They also note whether the item generates an object for the user - but no further details; whether it may heal - but not the amount by which it heals; may freeze - but not the chance of freezing; or whether a certain feature is designed specifically for use against a specific item (that is to say, whether it defends against a specific item or whether it attacks by altering an opponent's item) - but, again, no details. It is also indicated whether the weapon is used in close quarters or ranged, and additionally lists the estimated price and how often the item can be used.

The Battlepedia is further limited by the requirements for indexing: it will only list items with a low enough rarity. Thus, one-player only weapons are not noted, nor are most of the more powerful, advanced weapons. There is also no distinction made between species and general use weapons.

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