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The Bank Manager is a Green Skeith that runs the National Neopian Bank and handles players' bank accounts.

Random Events[edit]

The Bank Manager appears in a Random Event where he gives the player Neopoints due to a "bank error in [their] favour".

Bg neopia central.jpg
Bank error in your favour. Collect [NP].
Skeith bank shh.png

Due to another bank account problem, he may reset the player's daily interest - so they can collect their interest twice in one day - and give them a Complimentary Virtupets Toaster.

Bg neopia central.jpg
Good afternoon, sir or madam. It seems we may have made a slight error with your account. Nothing to worry about, though; everything is just fine now. We've even reset your daily interest for today, so please stop on by to collect it. Please accept this Virtupets Toaster with our compliments.
Skeith bank shh.png

Better Than You[edit]

The Bank Manager has been a contestant on Better Than You three times:

Date: April 17, 2008 The National Neopian does its best to protect your Neopoints, but thieves these days are getting far too bold! We need your help to keep an eye out for such unsavoury folk. Just stand by these buttons and do what you can to stop them in their tracks
Game: Trouble at the National Neopian
Score: 2,800
Prize: Green Skeith Pencil Case

Date: June 11, 2009 Something has to be done about these thieves! You there -- how would you like a position as a bank guard for a day? Help get these criminals behind bars and you will be justly rewarded!
Game: Trouble at the National Neopian
Score: 1,650
Prize: Pile of Straw for a Skeith Farmer

Date: September 2, 2010 You want to catch criminals for the National Neopian? Aren't you a little... scrawny for this position? Seriously, you'd better just stick to a desk job and leave the heavy lifting and the apprehending of suspects to the professionals. No offense.
Game: Trouble at the National Neopian
Score: 1,000
Prize: Kau Print Desk