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Advisor Wessle observes a shady deal happening.

Advisor Wessle is a Desert Kyrii, introduced on July 9, 2001 during the Usurper! puzzle plot.


Advisor Wessle is the Chief Council of Domestic Affairs in Sakhmet, and has been serving the Royal palace all the way back to when King Coltzan III was still alive (and was even considered his right hand man). He enjoys gossip, and keeps up to date the latest happenings within the Lost Desert, especially anything illegal. Because of Wessle's sneaky and wily methods, he has established himself as a powerful statesman within the Royal Palace. His charm and wit give him a harmless appearance, but it's known Wessle knows every trick of manipulation, and stops at nothing to get what he wants. Senator Barca has been a friend of Wessle's since they were young, though he sees her lower in standings amongst the other senators of Sakhmet. He is also friends with Senator Palpus.

Plot summaries[edit]


Main article: Usurper!

During the investigation of King Coltzan's death, Advisor Wessle spoke of Senator Barca, who barged into game of Pyramids he was having with Senator Palpus, asking them to stop wasting their time and go to the council meeting, which he felt was improper for fir her to ask because of her place in the palace. Wessle also spoke of Princess Vyssa, who he felt was too young and not ready rule the city. He further revealed she sometimes disguised herself as a commoner to go about the city, which made him worry for her safety.

The Hunt for the Crown[edit]

Main article: The Hunt for the Crown

Advisor Wessle was present with Princess Vyssa at the ceremony to unveil the newly created Coltzan's Shrine. Upon discovering that Coltzan's crown was stolen, he read out the letter left behind by the Meerca Brothers.


  • Advisor Wessle's Neopedia article was released on (need date), and claimed he was 32 years old at that time.
  • Advisor Wessle enjoys to eat any type of food which makes a really big mess.

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