Mysterious Symol Hole

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The Mysterious Symol Hole a deep hole dug next to a gnarled old tree in Meridell. It is believed to have been dug by a Symol as it is only big enough for a Petpet to go through. Users with Petpets attached to their Neopets can send them down into the hole to investigate and perhaps come back with something valuable.

Petpet actions when it comes to the hole:

  • shakes nervously
  • spins in circles
  • chirps
  • shudders with fear
  • looks into the hole curiously

User Choices:

  • Climb down slowly
  • Dive In with eyes open
  • Dive In with eyes closed

Items which can only be gained from the Mysterious Symol Hole...

  • A book entitled The Founder
  • Animated Meowclops Statue
  • Broken Pottery
  • Buried Bone
  • Chewed Veespa Toy
  • Fake Golden Scratchy Post
  • Fancy Petpet Food
  • Fire Guardians Spear
  • Leaves of the Earth Guardian
  • Photo of a Castle
  • Pirakeet Plushie
  • Selket Plushie
  • Squeezy Symol Toy
  • Stained Glass Symol Window
  • Stone Anubis
  • Strange Gold Coin
  • Symol T-shirt
  • Turtum Wind Up Toy
  • Vile Swamp Water


  • On June 14, 2006, the day was randomly dedicated to Dirt, and those who went to the Mysterious Symol Hole received this message...
    • In Celebration of Dirt Day! Everyone gets FREE Dirt Pie
  • And sometimes when a user tries to get something they received this message...
    • Hang on, (name of your petpet) looks different somehow...
  • You can get an avatar from the Symol Hole, but it is random.

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