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The Habitarium

RIP Habitarium, Petpet Park
In order to transition to their new, JumpStart owned hardware, TNT will be taking the site down for maintenance for an estimated two days, either this week or next week. Although most of the site will come back online unaffected, the Habitarium and Petpet Park will not be returning.

Discuss the downtime and the end of the Habitarium at the PinkPT forums!

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The Spider Grundo is a mutated Grundo that has fangs, six spider-like legs, and the ability to spin massive webs. He was once a normal Grundo and an underling of Dr. Sloth.

One day, Dr. Sloth decided to use a Grundo in one of his mutation experiments. The experiment gave the Grundo spider-like features and abilities; however, because Sloth forgot to use mind-control power during the experiment, the Grundo maintained his free will and was able to escape from Dr. Sloth's laboratory. Find out more? >
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