Spirit of the Ruins

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"The living had not set foot in Qasala for centuries, and quite frankly, the evil spirits were getting bored."

The Spirit of the Ruins is an evil spirit which wanders the ruins of Qasala. He appeared in the Lost Desert Plot, where he attacked Nabile and Tomos, and was bottled by the player who needed black smoke for the Ruki in charge of the Gift Shop of 1,000 Souvenirs.

Plot summaries[edit]

Lost Desert Plot[edit]

The Spirit captured.
Main article: Lost Desert Plot

After Sakhmet vanished, Nabile and Tomos took refuge in the ruins of Qasala. Tomos had discovered a room full of enchanted rings when the Spirit of the Ruins appeared and chased them away.

In solving the puzzle, users had to retrieve a vial of black smoke for the Gift Shop of 1,000 Souvenirs shopkeeper. She gave the player an empty vial - the player had to equip it to their Neopet and battle the Spirit of the Ruins in the Battledome. Using the vial would instantly defeat the Spirit, and the vial would fill up with black smoke. This could then be traded with the shopkeeper for a souvenir T-shirt, that in turn could be given to the Foreman to receive the first Useless Crystal.

Neopets Puzzle Adventure[edit]

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The Spirit of the Ruins haunts the tombs of the Lost Desert the player visits. It is given the name, "Shadowy Evil".


Spirit of the Ruins
Difficulty: 50 Starting HP: 50
Arena: Rattling Cauldron Released: October 18, 2005
Status: Retired Challenger ID: n/a
Found by: Opponent during the Lost Desert Plot

Weapons Used
Spirit Smoke Sword Attack: 2×2 WaterWater   3×3 AirAir   3×3 DarknessDarkness   1 - 2×1 - 2 PhysicalPhysical  
Tiki Bomb Attack: 5×5 EarthEarth   5×5 FireFire   1 - 5×1 - 5 PhysicalPhysical   (Once per battle)
Umbrella Shield Defence: All×All WaterWater Defence  3×3 AirAir Defence  2 - 5×2 - 5 EarthEarth Defence 
Spirit of the Ruins Claw Attack: 3×3 LightLight   1 - 3×1 - 3 PhysicalPhysical  


  • A drink called Spirit Of The Ruins Fizz in the shape of the Spirit's head is available to buy from Qasalan Delights.

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