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The original set of abilities for the Battledome was retired and removed from the Neopets website when the Battledome closed down for renovations on October 17, 2012. TNT felt that these old abilities were outdated and useless, and they decided redesign the ability system from the ground up. The resulting Faerie Abilities debuted on February 20, 2013.

The old ability system was divided into four types of abilities: Stances were abilities that Neopets could use to add multipliers to attack. Species abilities were abilities unique to each Neopet species. Faerie abilities were elemental abilities that could be learned by releasing bottled faeries. Lastly, sponsor abilities were rare abilities that could be learned by signing up with various Neopets sponsors.

Neopets could only use one ability per round. Abilities had a variety of effects. Some abilities were attacks, some restored health, and others defended against incoming attacks. Many abilities had no effect at all.


Stances were abilities that Neopets could use to add a multiplier to both their attack and that of their opponent. The strength of the multiplier depended on the type of stance used:

Stance Multiplier
Defend 80%
Cautious Attack 100%
Normal Attack 120%
Stance Multiplier
Jump and Attack 130%
Fierce Attack 140%
Berserk Attack 150%

If both parties used a stance in the same round, the two multipliers were combined together when calculating damage. For example, if both parties use a Fierce Attack stance on the same round, the damage dealt by both parties would increase by 140% x 140%, which is 196%.

Neopets automatically learned the Berserk Attack stance at level 50. All other stances were available to all Neopets by default.

Species Abilities[edit]

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Each species of Neopet used to have set of unique abilities. These species abilities were automatically learned upon reaching a certain level. For example, all Elephantes learned the ability Elephante Trumpet at level 10. Some species ability were only available on the special day for that species. For example, Flotsams could only use the ability Flotsam Splash on July 3rd, which is Flotsam day. Some Neopet species also had resistances and weaknesses to certain types of attack. For example, Scorchios used to take 30% less damage from fire attacks, while Ixis used to receive 20% more damage from darkness attacks.

Faerie Abilities[edit]

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The original faerie abilities could be learned by releasing bottled faeries. These abilities were divided into six types, each of which corresponded to one of the six types of bottled faerie that existed at the time. The type of ability that a Neopet learned when releasing a bottled faerie depended on the type of faerie that was being released. For example, opening a Bottled Water Faerie would teach a Neopet a water faerie ability.

In order to learn an specific ability, a Neopet had to meet the minimum level required for that ability and also had to have already learned all the preceding abilities of the same type as the desired ability. For example, in order to learn the Haste ability, a Neopet would have had to be at least level 8 and must have also already learned both the Spark ability and the Air Shield ability. If a Neopet released a bottled faerie but did not meet the requirements to learn a new ability, the released faerie would simply fly away and have no effect.


Sponsor abilities were abilities that could be obtained by signing up with certain Neopets sponsors during the year 2001. They were also frequently used by single player challengers. There were seven sponsor abilities in total:

Attack Defence
Improved Defend Damage multiplier of 0.7
Scorch 0.5×0.5 FireFire   0.5×0.5 LightLight   0.5×0.5 DarknessDarkness Defence  0.5×0.5 WaterWater Defence 
Frost 0.5×0.5 WaterWater   0.5×0.5 FireFire Defence 
Dark Shield 0.5×0.5 LightLight Defence 
Aura 0.5×0.5 LightLight   0.5×0.5 DarknessDarkness Defence 
Inertia 0.5×0.5 AirAir   0.5×0.5 EarthEarth Defence 
Psychic Attack 0.5×0.5 EarthEarth   0.5×0.5 EarthEarth Defence