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Nightsteed's true form

The Nightsteed is Prince Jazan's best friend, a zombified Uni who lost the ability to fly due to his tattered wings.

Plot summary[edit]

Lost Desert Plot[edit]

Main article: Lost Desert Plot

During the LDP, the Nightsteed's non-cursed form, a blue Uni, was shown only once, in their debut into the comic. When Jazan cast the spell to make Sakhmet go into an alternate dimension, the Nightsteed's true form was revealed, as was Jazan's cursed form. When Nabile and Tomos first entered Qasala, the Nightsteed was told to hunt them down. When the plot was resolved and the cursed citizens of Qasala were returned to their original state, the Nightsteed did not change back. When Jazan asked why he had not changed back, the Nightsteed simply replied, "I don't know, maybe I had been cursed for too long."

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