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A Muffin is a type of breadstuff in the form of a small cake identified by their topping. In Neopia, new muffin varieties are often released to commemorate certain events, such as pet days. There is a series of muffins used in the Battledome, called Battle Muffins, that are high-icon one-use items (colloquially, a bomb), much like Snowballs.

Battle Muffins[edit]

bd_muffin.gif bd_muffin_jelly.gif bd_muffin_darigan.gif
bd_muffin_brain.gif bd_muffin_water.gif bd_muffin_evil.gif
Example Battle Muffins

There are currently sixteen different muffins that can be used in the Battledome. Except for the Ummagine Battle Muffin, all battle muffins can only be used once per battle and disappear after a single use. In alphabetical order, they are:

Attack Icons
Battle Muffin 2 EarthEarth  2×2 PhysicalPhysical  
Brain Muffin 5 EarthEarth  5×5 LightLight  5×5 PhysicalPhysical  
Darigan Muffin 5 FireFire  5×5 DarknessDarkness  5×5 PhysicalPhysical  
Evil Muffin 3 FireFire  3×3 DarknessDarkness  3×3 PhysicalPhysical  
Fire Muffin 4 FireFire  4×4 LightLight  4×4 PhysicalPhysical  
Golden Muffin 5 EarthEarth  5×5 LightLight  5×5 PhysicalPhysical  
Icy Muffin 5 WaterWater  5×5 AirAir  5×5 PhysicalPhysical  
Jelly Muffin 3 AirAir  3×3 PhysicalPhysical  
Poison Muffin 5 EarthEarth  5×5 DarknessDarkness  5×5 PhysicalPhysical   (May inflict disease)
Radioactive Muffin 5 LightLight  5×5 DarknessDarkness  5×5 PhysicalPhysical  
Robot Muffin 5 FireFire  5×5 AirAir  5×5 PhysicalPhysical  
Shooting Star Muffin 5 FireFire  5×5 AirAir  5×5 DarknessDarkness  
Smelly Dung Muffin 5 WaterWater  5×5 EarthEarth  5×5 PhysicalPhysical  
Stone Muffin 5 EarthEarth  5×5 DarknessDarkness  5×5 PhysicalPhysical  
Ummagine Battle Muffin 6 EarthEarth   + 6×6 PhysicalPhysical  
Water Muffin 5 EarthEarth  5×5 WaterWater  5×5 PhysicalPhysical  

Other muffin-themed equipment[edit]

In addition to the battle muffins themselves, there are three retired Hidden Tower items that involve Battle Muffins. In alphabetical order, they are:

  • Apron Of The Muffin Man - Attack: None; Defence: None; (Destroys all Battle Muffins being used against you)
  • Gloves Of The Muffin Man - Attack: 3 x Fire, 2 x Light; Defence: None; (May steal opponent's Battle Muffins)
  • Hat Of The Muffin Man - Attack: None; Defence: None; (Generates 1-4 random Battle Muffins)

Muffins as Food[edit]

foo_brucecake_grape.gif food_kacheekmuffin2003.gif bak_kiwimuffin.gif
bak_marwins_cupcakes.gif bak_fruitmuffin.gif food_val_muffin.gif
Examples of muffin items

There are also 41 edible muffins. In alphabetical order, they are:

  • Banana JubJub Muffin
  • Bitten Heart Muffin
  • Brain Tree Muffin
  • Bursting Water Muffin
  • Butterlicious Muffin
  • Cheese and Tomato Muffin
  • Choco-Strawberry Muffin
  • Chocolate JubJub Muffin
  • Chocolate Kacheek Muffin
  • Chokato JubJub Muffin
  • Cloud Muffin
  • Dung Muffin
  • Eyeball Muffin
  • Fig Muffin
  • Fyora Day Muffin
  • Fruit Muffin
  • Grape Bruce Muffin
  • Grapefruit Muffin
  • Gruisberry Muffin
  • Invisible Muffin
  • Kiwi Muffin
  • Lemint Muffin
  • Lime JubJub Muffin
  • Mega Carrot Muffin
  • Meow Muffin
  • Minty Bruce Muffin
  • Mort Muffin
  • Pineapple Muffin
  • Purple Chia Muffin
  • Raspberry Jelly Muffin
  • Scorched Sutek Muffin
  • Spooky Muffin
  • Strawberry Bruce Muffin
  • Sutek Muffin
  • Suti Muffin
  • Taelia Muffin
  • Tooth Faerie Muffin
  • Ultimate Fyora Day Muffin
  • Valentines Muffin
  • Vanilla Bruce Muffin
  • White Chocolate Muffin


  • The Icey Muffin bears an incorrect spelling of the word icy in its name. It is the only item to have this misspelling.
  • The Shooting Star Muffin, an Advent Calendar prize for 2006, is the only Battle Muffin not to inflict physical damage.