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E-Z Brand (sometimes E-Z® Brand, a play on the word easy) is a brand of toys that reference events or puzzles during certain plots. They have been released as plot prizes since the Lost Desert Plot. E-Z Brand is a division of SlothCo.

They are lower end prizes that don't require much plot participation to obtain. They trivialise the events of the plot, reducing them from world-saving adventures to "play sets".


Lost Desert Plot[edit]

  • E-Z® See Crystal Ball - Please insert 100 Neopoints to see the next three minutes of your future.

Altador Plot[edit]

The Altador Plot featured a telescope branded "EZ-SEE", which was used in the plot but not released as a prize.

The Tale of Woe[edit]

The Return of Dr. Sloth[edit]

  • E-Z® Brand Acidifier Play Set™ - WARNING: Do not play with this toy under any circumstances. (E-Z® Industries is a division of SlothCo.)

The Faeries' Ruin[edit]

  • E-Z Brand My First Containment Field - Practice your containment abilities with this super-fun toy set! DISCLAIMER: May cause destruction of property, loss of limbs, or other undesirable consequences. Do not look directly at My First Containment Field.
  • E-Z Brand Lockpicking Tools - Thieves Guild endorsed, Hanso approved!

War for the Obelisk[edit]

  • E-Z Brand My First Death Axe - Its more effective once you take it out of its mint collectors edition box.


  • E-Z Brand Snowflake Growing Kit - Just add water and watch them magically grow! Shipping not included.


  • Their outlandish and plot-specific product range is reminiscent of the Acme Corporation cartooning in-joke in the real world.