Wheel of Monotony

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Round and round and round it goes...

The Wheel of Monotony is a luck-based game that can be found in the Northern Plateau of Tyrannia. Hosted by an engrossed Quiggle, who takes the money and helps everyone contain their excitement during the spinning of the wheel.

The Wheel of Monotony is like all the other wheel based games on the site with one large twist. The wheel spins for a large amount of time, ranging from an hour to upto 3 hours in some rare cases. The prizes, although there is the potential for some really great ones, are generally not proportional to this difficult aspect to it.

To keep the game fair, players must sit through the entire spinning of the wheel before any prizes are rewarded. If their internet connection temporarily shuts off or the browser window with the wheel spinning in it closes, no prize will be awarded.


  • Land on the Tyrannian Petpet Paint Brush - Win either the Wheel of Monotony Avatar or the Tyrannian Petpet Paint Brush
  • Land on the Three Berries - Win you either an Evil Blancmange, Honey Blossom or a Raptraphant Leg
  • Land on the Burning Stick - Win you either Tyrannian Weaponry or will cause your pet to lose half their hit points.
  • Land on the Bag of Neopoints - Win 5,000 neopoints, an I Love Kacheekers T Shirt, a Kacheekers Strategy Guide, A Kacheekers Poster, a Pterattack poster, a Sargug plushie, a Wheel of Monotony mug, a Wheel of Monotony pen, a Wheel of monotony plushie or a Wheel of Monotony t-shirt.
  • Land on the Question Mark - Win a Lottery Ticket, Pterattack Action Figure or the Wheel of Monotony Avatar.
  • Land on the Faerie Pancakes - Your neopet will be blessed and one of its skill levels will be increase. Your neopet must have at least one faerie skill bestowed on it previously for this to work.
  • Land on the Red Symbol - Win a Mag Codestone or a Sho Codestone
  • Land on the Green Symbol - Win a Bri Codestone or a Main Codestone.
  • Land on the Volcano - Win a New battledome opponent Magnus the Torch, also Takes you to the volcano at the edge of Tyrannia.
  • Land on the Rock - Your neopet loses half their hit points. These points can be regained if you heal your neopet.
  • Land on the Scroll of Paper - Win one of the following: Flaming Gauntlet, Fungus Ball Ball, Fungus Ball BeanBag, Fungus Ball Lamp, Fungi Ball Lamp, Go! Go! Go! Handbook, Kacheekers Board, Kacheekers Plushie, Kacheekers Poster, Kacheekers Strategy Guide, Kyruggi Plushie, Pterattack Action Figure, Pterattack Bean Bag, Pterattack Game Guide, Pterattack Poster, Sabre-X Plushie, Sargug Plushie, Uggsul Plushie, Vernax, Wheel of Monotony Mug, Wheel of Monotony Pen, Wheel of Monotony Plushie, Wheel of Monotony Poster or the Wheel of Monotony T-Shirt.
  • Land on the Blank Ticket - Win a Lottery Ticket
  • Land on the Tyrannian Paint Brush - Win a Tyrannian Paint Brush
  • Land on the Pteradactyl - Takes you to the Lair of the Beast where a Pteradactyl jumps out and scares you and your pets. Be ware of the sound! Your neopet will lose half their hit points. These points can be regained if you heal your neopet.
  • Land on the Five Neopoint Bags - Win 20,000 neopoints
  • Land on the Mazzew - Win a Mazzew Petpet

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