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The Tooth Faerie

The Tooth Faerie is a unique type of Faerie who spends her days flying around Neopia giving users Neopoints when their Neopets lose their teeth (as a Random Event). The Tooth Faerie is seen only in Random Events or in Faerie Cloud Racers.


  • As of September 2006, the Tooth Faerie is featured in 20 items.
  • Random Events...
    • For a lost tooth, the tooth faerie gives you (varying amount of) Neopoints!!!
    • For a lost tooth, the tooth faerie gives you her avatar!!!
  • On June 29, 2006, the Tooth Faerie was featured in Better Than You, scoring 2800 in Faerie Cloud Racers. Prize was a Cloud Garden Swing. Quoted saying...
    No one escapes the Tooth Faerie, not even other faeries! I love competing with my sisters in our racers. My dark faerie sister says that losing to me is almost as bad as having her teeth pulled! In response, I said that if she brushed more, she wouldn't be able to make that comparison...
    She was featured again on September 13, 2007, this time scoring 2940 in Faerie Cloud Racers. The prize was a Tooth Necklace. She was quoted saying...
    Oh my, I just remembered that I have a rescheduled teeth cleaning today and I'm up to compete next in the races! Could you take my place? Really try your best to score as high as you can. If you do an amazing job I'll give you this necklace, and that's the tooth! Okay, they are sooo going to kick me out of Faerieland for that last pun.
  • The Tooth Faerie's Neopedia article was added on February 1, 2007.

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