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"Will you be my friend?"

This article is about the character. For the plot that took place in 2001, see Neopet Version 2 (plot). For the site update that took place in 2007, see Neopets 2.0

Neopet Version 2 (Neopet v2, Neopet V2, NPV2) was a computer program created by Dr. Frank Sloth that was supposed to be a replacement for Neopets. When Sloth was defeated by the Space Faerie, however, the project was shelved, only coming to light as part of a plot in 2001.

Neopet v2 was deactivated as part of the plot, but would return to star as the antagonist of the puzzle game Spell-Or-Starve. It is featured as a challenger in the Battledome closed beta.

Plot summary[edit]

Neopet Version 2[edit]

Main article: Neopet Version 2 (plot)

Neopet Version 2 was the antagonist of the eponymous plot. After activating and finding nobody to play with, it took control of the Virtulift system in the Space Station to hold four Neopets who were holidaying in the Station hostage, and forced them to play with it.

With the lift jammed, the four Neopets were running out of fresh air. Dr. Sloth himself was contacted, who although was not very helpful, did explain that the program required ten deactivation codes, two of which were known to each of four programmers, and the final two of which were only know to the program itself.

After tracking down the programmers and acquiring their codes, and interrogating the program itself for its codes, Neopet Version 2 was shut down, and the lift resumed and the trapped Neopets were rescued.


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